What's the h**k?

You may wonder, why there is the possibility to get special hooks. First of all, if you’re totally fine with the normal hooks, don’t worry be happy – end of the story!

Normal hooks

These are the hooks most of the earrings come with, but make sure to zoom on the photo of the earrings you’re looking at as some of them have different hooks already!


Now, to explain to you how it all started, it’s a very simple story: I don’t have pierced ears! That is actually how I began to work on earrings: when I magically found out that I could change hooks on normal earrings and add clips to them so I could wear them. A whole new world opened to me, and I definitely could not see a reason anymore to get my ears pierced when I can still wear earrings ๐Ÿ™‚ Except in bronze, there are two types of clips. I like and use both. The first one is a bit more esthetical but less adaptable, the second one (with the kind of screw) can be adjusted to the exact pressure needed for your ear and the earring.

Clips are 1โ‚ฌ extra for a pair.

'Premium' hooks

As I don’t have pierced ears myself, it took me a little bit longer to understand, but I finally realised that many of you (who do have pierced ears) often have allergy reactions to earrings and can’t wear many of them, no matter how beautiful they are (and how frustrating it is). This is the reason I decided to look for ‘premium’ hooks to replace the standard ones on the earrings so you can have nice earrings AND no allergy. Premium hooks for silvery earrings are sterling silver (S925), plated gold for golden earrings and copper for bronze earrings.

‘Premium’ hooks are 2โ‚ฌ extra for a pair.

Different hooks

Last but not least, as I’m creating earrings myself, I started to look for simple but original hooks to offer something different to what is out there. So when I started to implement the special hooks on the website, I thought it would be too selfish from me not to offer you the possibility to change the hooks for free with some different ones. As you can see, the choice of different hooks is much larger than offered on the products page. This is mostly to make it easy to decide, but ask me if you would rather have one of the above.

Different hooks are free.

Stud earrings x special hooks

As you might have noticed, special hooks aren’t suggested for stud earrings and some other earrings. This probably means that it isn’t possible to change their hooks, but if you have eyes on a pair and absolutely need clips or other hooks for it, let me know and I’ll see what’s feasible or not.

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