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While I would not imagine my life without rings, I do have rings rituals, specific rings for specific fingers, and ordering online makes it a little bit more difficult to know how it will fit. For this, I’ve gathered for you several methods to measure your ring size for any finger. It’s pretty fast and easy!

/!\ Reminder: US sizes

The ring sizes referenced on the website are based on US standards. This might be surprising as I’m not American and neither shipping/delivering in the US (yet ๐Ÿ˜‰) but this seemed to be the most convenient standard to work on for now. I might change for French sizes later as I find them more precise, but for the time being, please keep in mind that these are US sizes.

This is my equipment to measure rings and fingers – but don’t worry, you do not need to purchase such tools to know your size!

Just FYI, all jewelers have similar stuff and can measure your fingers and rings sizes in a minute thanks to these.

Method 0: Convert your size in US standards

If you already know the size of your fingers but not in US standards, check out the graphic hereunder to know which size corresponds to the one you know. Easy peasy.

Method 1: measure the diameter of one of your current rings

Get one of your rings fitting perfectly the finger you want your new ring to get on and measure its diameter with a ruler. Remember: the diameter is the straight line from a point of a circle to the other side of it, passing by the middle. So with your ruler you’re looking at the largest length possible on the inside of your ring. Do NOT count the extremeties of the ring, only the space in between. Once you have it, look for the US size corresponding hereunder:

Method 2: measure the circumference of your finger with a piece of paper

Or, even easier, if you have a tailor meter, that would do 2 in 1 ๐Ÿ™‚ In both cases, here is what to do:

First of all, make sure to do it at the end of the day, when the temperature is higher and your fingers inflated. By doing so, you will avoid choosing a ring that squeezes you too much.

Grab a strip of paper and roll it around the finger (that will wear the ring) at the level of the largest phalanx. It is important to measure this phalanx (usually the second one from the top) and not the end of the finger where the ring will go, as you might not be able to get it there! Make a mark where the strip meets, unroll it and measure its size with a ruler. In case of a doubt, always choose the largest size. Once you have it, look for the US size corresponding hereunder:

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