Introducing Yao
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Introducing Yao

As I just added Yao’s macrame creations to the shop, I feel like telling you more about the person who made them ๐Ÿ™‚

Yao is not a random artist I came accross on Instagram, she is my stepmother and is in my life and my dad’s since ten years now. Since the beginning I could tell that Yao is (among many other things!) a very driven hard worker. From two full time jobs in Bangkok to no occupation in the countryside of South of France, Yao was a bit ‘turning into circles‘, looking for ways to get busy as she used to.

Yao (right) and I (left), @Pont du Gard, Summer 2016

That’s about when I came back from 3 years in Cambodia, also not working anymore from a day to another, after two intense years with nearly no holidays. I decided to take advantage of my dad’s large and underused house’s potential and turned one of the rooms of the ‘guesthouse’ into my forever dream: an art room โœจ

The two of us in the art room, Summer 2016

And because creating is always funnier when not alone, it’s all naturally that Yao and I started to ‘lock ourselves’ for hours in that room, despite the amazing 35 degrees with sun shining in the garden. Of course Teuy (my cat that I brought from Cambodia) was also with us, sleeping on my legs to make things harder (remember what I said about fun.. :D). The three of us learned how to make our first dreamcatcher together. I taught Yao how to make brasilian bracelets and we coloured some decopatch photo hangers/boxes.

Then summer ends, the art room gets colder, and I move to Berlin. A couple of months later, Yao makes a new art room in the main house. We both keep on making dreamcatchers on our own, and try other things. After a year I end up starting Maskarades with my first earrings, and Yao hunts in all the fleemarkets of South of France for old crochets to create dreamcatchers with.

A ritual has begun: Yao and my dad would come to visit me once a year (usually around September), and we go to sell together at the market at Mauerpark. This year Yao came with a production that I didn’t see coming! Gorgeous jute macrame on a stick of wood from the garden. I just realised that she learned it all on her own over the past months, and totally nailed it, judging by the quality, extended technique and large choice of designs she made! All together, she has a very unique touch that I didn’t see on any other pieces. I feel like with this collection, Yao ‘found herself’. It doesn’t mean at all that this is the best she will ever do, but I do see a strong personality in these macrames, and that is what decided me to add them to the website! For the moment I have only 4 of her pieces (the master ones ๐Ÿ˜‰) but I will add more soon.

Yao & her macrame pot hangers (not on the website yet)

To get the overview of all her collection, check out the photos of our market day:

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  • just discovered this! Love your account of creative co-operation ! After all Yao is also my daughter-in-law, and a lovely one at that! You mention decoupage….made me smile remembering PA and my showing you to do it….. soooo long ago!

    • I remember exactly when we did decoupage in Pennsylvania! It’s one of my favorite memories, actually all my memories over there are pure treasure <3


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