Emanouela & Ze Face [golden]
Monday & its nice suprises <3

Not so long ago, Monday was to me what it means to many: going back to work, having to brutally end these nice 48 hours of self-care, usually with a 9am meeting ๐Ÿ™‚ Now, Mondays are my rest-day, the only day of the week I don’t feel guilty not doing anything, because I spent 10 to 12 hours the day before standing in whatever the weather had to share. Mondays are now also the day I get nice messages on Instagram and get a chance to discover a bit more those of you who came to Mauerpark yesterday. That’s how Emanouela came up, with her super-nice photos of the earrings โ€ขZe faceโ€ข and the ring โ€ขBling Bling IIโ€ข. Behind the smile, I was thrilled to find out a women who cares and uses her influence for the better good <3 Make sure to check it out!


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