Sophie & ..many [golden]
Tout ce qui brille

I don’t know why but the inspiration I have lately for headlines are always French.. sorry for that, though a little Google search never hurts 😉 Now let’s talk about Sophie! I just posted about Emmi and how she got some of my favorite favorite pieces amongst all, well it’s the same with Sophie, x 100. When I met her at Mauerpark she started with three amazing earrings: •Twisted•, •Keep talking• and •Cassopi, all in shining golden ✨ Shortly after, while I just published new items online, she snagged the first pairs of •Cosmopolitan• and •Extreme• as well as the freshly restocked •Sweet Cobra•. Those are my big crush of the moment. One thing is for sure @Sophie, you got a hell of good tastes 🔥 Many thanks for your support <3


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