Harmonie [pink flowers, big salt and essential oils]

Harmonie [pink flowers, big salt and essential oils]

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Spell jar necklaces are pretty little glass bottles on a neclace chain to accompany you thourough the day with a little touch of magic. Each jar filling is unique and concocted by myself with natural and most often organic elements from my environment.

I believe that we empower objects with our intentions. I can tell you what were my intentions when I created the spell jars, but they’ll also be what you believe them to be. Necklaces and generally jewelry are for me an armor to protect myself from the negative world. Flowers and essential oils are pleasure for the eyes and the nose – it’s about relaxing and embracing. So all together,ย  I would say these spell jar necklaces are a mix between chasing the evil and blessing the sacred.

Harmonie is a mix of little pink flowers, big salt and three essential oils: lavender, mandarin and ylang-ylang. Thanks to the essential oils, if you feel like you need a little extra dose of love and comfort at anytime of the day, you can open your necklace and delicately inhale its fragrance.* Salt has been used for protection for a very long time, and it’s believed to absorb negative energy.

The chain on the photos is the 40cm long flat chain, I actually feel like it may be a little short for the jar as I personally love to have them a bit lower on my chest, but this is up to you – feel free to play around with the different chains available hereunder! If left blank, I will send it with the chain as on the pics.

*: make sure to do it only occasionally and recreationally – inhaling essential oils at high frequency isn’t recommended.

Quantity: 1

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