Hoi An’s bike [print on wood]

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The photo has been taken in Hoi An (Vietnam) in 2010, a few meters away from the Japanese bridge. Actually  I just googled it to be sure and realised that this is the house right on the left of the bridge.

The photograph itself is a family debate between my dad and I, wether he took it or I did 🙂 We were sharing the same camera back then, and 10 years passed by, so it’s a tricky question, but both ways he approved of it being printed and being sold – he atually got it printed in Bangkok at a local shop.

The print is directly on a piece of wood, painted black on the back, with a hook at the top to hang it on a wall. As it’s a natural material and a unique piece, please don’t expect it to be ‘industrially perfect’ 🙏.

Quantity: 1

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