The Lovers [bronze]

The Lovers [bronze]

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“In the Rider Waite deck, the imagery for this card is changed significantly from the traditional depiction. Instead of a couple receiving a blessing from a noble or cleric, the Rider-Waite deck depicts Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. By reducing the number of people depicted in the card from three to two, Waite was able to reinforce its correspondence with the star Gemini. The Rider-Waite card also includes the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil with a serpent wrapped around its trunk. The symbology of no return from making bad decisions, and the consequences of innocence lost, would be more widely understood from this imagery.” [Wikipedia]

While I personally only read tarot from the Tarot de Marseille of Alexandro Jodorowsky, I really appreciate the beauty of the A.E. Waite tarot deck, whose cards are each a stunning painting full of meanings.

The tarot image are 3x4cm and the ring bracelet is worn in the middle of the forearm, almost like an armlet. Sorry for the light’s reflect on some photos, this is simply the sun’s reflection in the glass. The opening of the bracelet is approximately 6.5cm wide.

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