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Temperance [silvery]

Temperance [silvery]

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The Temperance is like the Yin and the Yang, orchestrating the beautiful dance of life between her hands.

While I personally only read tarot from the Tarot de Marseille of Alexandro Jodorowsky, I really appreciate the beauty of the Waite tarot deck, whose cards are each a stunning painting full of meanings.

The tarot image is 3x4cm, sealed under a piece of glass.
Sorry for the light’s reflect on pendant on some photos, this is simply the sun’s reflection in the glass. The chain is a new 55 cm long cable chain (not listed yet in the “Swap the chain!”), but feel free to play around with the different chains available hereunder! If left blank, I will send it with the chain as on the pics, which I find most suitable for this necklace.

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