The Ace of Wand [bronze]

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“The sections of branches that appear on the wand tell us that choice is essential in the management of the energy that is at our disposal. We cannot manufacture this energy: we can only choose the direction in which we channel it.

These are my favorite words from Alexandro Jodorowsky about l’β€’π™°πš‚ 𝙳𝙴 π™±Γ‚πšƒπ™Ύπ™½β€’, whose card I used to craft this necklace. The tarot image is 3cm in diameter. The chain is the 60 cm long cable chain, but feel free to play around with the different chains available hereunder! If left blank, I will send it with the chain as on the pics, which I find most suitable for this necklace.

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