The sphinx [bronze]

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More than any other Arcane, ‒𝙻𝙰 πšπ™Ύπš„π™΄ 𝙳𝙴 π™΅π™Ύπšπšƒπš„π™½π™΄β€’ is clearly oriented towards a closure of the past and an expectation of the future. [] Reality, under a solid appearance, is in perpetual change like the waves of the sea. Everything is doomed to disappear, the real is a fleeting dream, and the Earth is an illusion of the cosmic ocean. Here, only one element can aspire to eternity: the center of the wheel.

These are my favorite words from Alexandro Jodorowsky about ‒𝙻𝙰 πšπ™Ύπš„π™΄ 𝙳𝙴 π™΅π™Ύπšπšƒπš„π™½π™΄β€’, and whose cards I used to craft this ring. The tarot image is about 2×2.5cm and the ring size is adjustable from US size 6 and up. DM me for more pics or questions!

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