The online shop is live!
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The online shop is live!

After months of late evenings and long weekends, I’m thrilled to officially announce the launch of the online shop! The story is actually funny, so I’m happy to share it with you.

It sounds like I worked non-stop on it the whole winter (which I mostly did), but the truth is that I had very active periods and also very quite ones. With the full time job in the week, there were weekends where I had no energy to spend even a minute on the website. So here is what really happened.

It had been a month since my friend Vincent helped me to fully secure the website in https (I never expected it to be the hardest part of the whole project!), and all I had to do next was to finalise the payment gateway. In the meantime, the website was live with a banner at the bottom saying “no order should be fulfilled yet”. Weeks passed by, during which I unfortunately didn’t have the time to make the final touches.

A typical Sunday routine for me ๐Ÿ™‚

Then on a Sunday morning, chilling in bed, I posted a photo on Instagram (this one), and started the day. A few hours later, the house cleaner and the dishes done, I checked my emails, and what do I see? A failed purchase attempt: the earrings from a few hours ago, and some others. Without this sign of the gods (for a minute I also thought it might be my boyfriend behind it, I admit it), the online shop might still be off.

Now the chapter is over (website preparation) and another one (much bigger!) is starting. I still have working evenings and busy weekends ahead of me, but at least you can now all be part of it and browse the existing 400+ items! Thanks to all of you for your support, it means a lot to me <3

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