Winter market break
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Winter market break

It wasn’t my intentions to drastically stay away from the markets the whole winter long, but it happens to be the case and will probably stay this way until the arrival of spring.

I’ve spent an amazing summer at Mauerpark and really intend to get back there as soon as possible. Ideal plan is to also start doing Maybachufer once a week, along with my best market buddy Maya from Maya’s Treasures. I magically happened to be right next to her on my very first day at Mauerpark and I got very lucky to, because market life can be tough sometimes. In the end it’s like everything in life: it’s the people who makes it all! ✨

Maya from Maya's Treasures
My stall on a sunny Sunday at Mauerpark

I learned a lot selling at the market for the first time in my life. Even though there are some patterns that can be analysed, a lot of it also doesn’t always make sense. Some days are good, some days aren’t, and there is not always a valid explanation for that. Some days it’s within that it doesn’t work, and I’ve realised that this is one of the most crucial part. If the heart is not there, nothing follows.

Sadly Mauerpark is the greatest and the craziest market at the same time. I like to call it a jungle, and it really is one. That’s also one of the reasons I took some distance with it for the moment. But I’m working on that. Actually I’ve applied for an official fixed booth there to avoid the morning stress and insecurity of if and where I can settle my tables! I’m excited and hope to be selected – fingers crossed.

For now I’m dedicating most of my time to the online shop which I hope to open in about a month. I’m still organising some private events times to times, I’ll publish about that soon. I’ve also been discussing with a few Berlin-based shops to have some of my key products there. I’ll definitely keep you posted!

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